Our Saviour Lutheran Church is a confessional Lutheran congregation. What this means is that we hold to a “quia” (Latin for “because”) rather than a “quatenus” (Latin for “insofar as”) subscription to the Book of Concord. We believe that the confessional statements comprising the Book of Concord are a true exposition of the Word of God that present the teachings or doctrines given in God’s Word in an ordered, systematic fashion. Those who maintain a “quatenus” subscription believe that not everything in our Lutheran Confessions is in accord with Scripture, leaving everything up to subjective personal opinion.

Being a confessional Lutheran comprises not merely an agreement in principle with all that is stated in the Book of Concord, but also an agreement in practice. It is a “walking the walk” as well as a “talking the talk.” We, therefore, embrace the historic liturgical practices of the Lutheran Church and promote a full sacramental life within our congregation.

Being a confessional Lutheran is, at a most fundamental level of understanding, keeping Christ at the centre of everything. Just as all of Scripture points to Christ, so does the worship at Our Saviour. It is not about the things that we do, but all about what Jesus has done and continues to do for us.