Fifth Sunday in Lent

The Light and Truth of Christ Saint John 8:42-59 There sure is a lot to take in with today’s reading from Saint’s John’s Gospel, much of it filled with anger and discord, accusation and condemnation. The sweet word of salvation is present, but one must wade through a great deal of unpleasantness to reach it.[…]

Fourth Lenten Midweek

The Cost of Discipleship Saint Luke 9:57-62 and Saint Luke 14:25-33 This evening we again join our Lord Jesus in “Facing the Cross.” Throughout our Saviour’s journey on the way to the Cross and His suffering and death and His resurrection on the third day, He speaks with those following along with Him about a[…]

Fourth Sunday in Lent

The Rest of the Story Saint John 6:1-15 The Rest of the Story was a Monday-Friday radio program hosted by the late Paul Harvey from the early 1950s until 2008 in which Harvey would tell a story—well two stories, neither of them being all that remarkable on their own, but when connected could be quite[…]

Third Lenten Midweek

The Narrow Door Saint Luke 13:22-30 As we continue in our Lenten devotion of Facing the Cross, we consider yet another episode in the time of our Lord’s journeying through the valley of the shadow of death after “he set his face to go to Jerusalem,” and to His suffering, death, and resurrection. The evangelist[…]

Third Sunday in Lent

One Way or the Other Saint Luke 11:14-28 If you’ve been attending the Wednesday evening Lenten services, you will have heard that, not only is there a point in the earthly life and ministry of our Lord Jesus where He “set his face to go to Jerusalem,” that is, He steels Himself and presses on[…]

Second Lenten Midweek

Beware the Leaven Saint Luke 12:1-3 The first mention in the Bible of unleavened bread, that is, bread made without the rising agent of yeast, is in the Book of Exodus when God gives directions for the meal that the children of Israel are to eat as He passes over Egypt with His tenth and[…]

Second Sunday in Lent

Prevailing In Christ Saint Matthew 15:21-28 In his letter to the Ephesians, the apostle Saint Paul writes of the conflict and struggle that’s going on—the war being waged against Christians, like you dear people. And he says, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the[…]

First Lenten Midweek

He Set His Face Saint Luke 9:51-56 There came a time—a point in our Lord’s earthly life and ministry—when Jesus, as we heard Saint Luke say in tonight’s third reading, “set his face to go to Jerusalem.” In the four Gospel accounts, only Luke uses this phrase, “he set his face,” which, in itself, is[…]

First Sunday in Lent

It’s No Contest! Saint Matthew 4:1-11 The Philistine champion Goliath was a nine and a half foot tall giant of a man, a seasoned veteran of war from the time of his youth. The armor that he wore weighed more than the average soldier. His coat of mail alone was over a hundred and twenty[…]

Ash Wednesday

Shhh! It’s a Secret! Saint Matthew 6:1-6; 16-21 I’d like to tell you a little real life Ash Wednesday story about a dad and his young son. The two of them, along with Mom, were at home getting ready to set off for Church, for the Ash Wednesday service. Before leaving, Dad wanted to make[…]