In 1947, Reformed theologian Karl Barth coined the phrase, “Ecclesia semper reformanda est,” Latin for “the Church must always be reformed.” He was of the idea that the church must continually re-examine itself in order to maintain its purity of doctrine and practice. Barth, however, is completely wrong, for the same reason that the Reformation[…]

Luck or Blessing?

I don’t know when it happened, but at some time during the last decade or two the word “luck” has become an unsavory “four letter word” among many Lutherans. So, instead of having “potluck suppers,” we now have “pot blessing suppers.” And instead of hearing, “Thanks!” in response to your well-meant “Good Luck!” you may[…]


In the space of twelve years, twelve people were killed in the mountains between West Virginia and Kentucky. They all died because a feud started when one man accused another of stealing a hog, and because another man’s son refused to take responsibility for the child he had fathered with the daughter of the first[…]

Depart In Peace

When we leave the Lord’s Table, how do we feel? As blue as when we came? Or do we depart feeling nothing at all? When the pastor dismisses us from Holy Communion with the words “Depart in peace,” we shouldn’t confuse this peace with the emotional highs and lows that accompany us through life. In[…]