Seventh Sunday after Trinity

The Compassion of the Lord Saint Mark 8:1-9 There certainly seems to be a food emphasis in the three Scripture Readings today. In the Old Testament Reading we’re told about the Garden of Eden and the trees that the Lord God places there for Adam and Eve that are “pleasant to the sight and good[…]

Sixth Sunday after Trinity

Every Iota and Dot Saint Matthew 5:17-26 This morning’s Holy Gospel is a portion of our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount, and the opening statement of the reading is quite telling. Either Jesus is responding to criticism made against Him, likely by the scribes and Pharisees, or He’s answering a false notion about Him that[…]

Fifth Sunday after Trinity

At the Word of Jesus Saint Luke 5:1-11 The Gospel text that’s before us this morning is from early on in the earthly ministry of our Lord Jesus. He’s already been about and active throughout His native Galilee, preaching the good news of the kingdom of God, healing the sick and driving out demons. And[…]

Fourth Sunday after Trinity

Merciful Are the Blessed Saint Luke 6:36-42 You are all familiar with our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount—at least the beginning portion of that sermon commonly called the Beatitudes. Every year on the Feast of All Saints, these nine statements, each beginning with the words, “Blessed are,” such as “Blessed are the peacemakers,” make up[…]

Third Sunday after Trinity

Coming to Yourself in the Father’s Love Saint Luke 15:11-32 One hundred and fifty years ago, the nation of Canada was born. To this birth, Queen Victoria gave royal assent, saying, “We do ordain, declare, and command that on and after the First day of July, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-seven, the Provinces of[…]