The Nativity of our Lord — Christmas Day

The Holy Incarnation Saint John 1:1-14 Twenty five years after Saint Luke wrote his Gospel account, Saint John was persuaded by the bishops of Asia Minor to write another. Those bishops were very concerned by a heretical teaching that was making the rounds at the time, put forth by a group called the Ebionites. They[…]

Fourth Sunday in Advent

Sinners Forgiven Saint John 1:19-28 This morning you may have come to church expecting to see the children of our Sunday School dressed up as Mary and Joseph, angels and shepherds, and animals from the stable—the usual Christmas pageant fare. Instead they came as themselves: sinners. Just like you and me. But sinners redeemed by[…]

Third Sunday in Advent

Christmas Expectations Saint Matthew 11:2-11 What are your expectations for Christmas this year? Your answer to this question, I suppose, depends upon the circumstances of your life and the lives of those around you with whom you share the Christmas festivities. If things are pretty stable and without any dramatic changes, you probably expect Christmas[…]

Second Sunday in Advent

Signs Announce His Coming Saint Luke 21:25-36 As mentioned last Sunday, the season of Advent serves to direct our hearts and minds to the coming of Christ—to His coming into this world as a baby born of Mary, which we will celebrate on Christmas Day, His coming unto us now through Word and Sacrament, which[…]