First Sunday of Advent

Hosanna to the King Who Comes Saint Matthew 21:1-9 The Holy Gospel appointed for today, the first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of a new Church Year, is the account of our Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem on the Sunday before He was betrayed, arrested, falsely tried, beaten, and crucified on Calvary, a bare-topped hill on[…]

The Feast of Christ the King

Shrewd Sheep Saint Matthew 25:31-46 This morning we heard our Lord Jesus talking about the division of sheep from goats that will take place on the last day. Last Sunday, we also heard Jesus telling us about that Judgment Day dividing, but then it was in a parable about wise virgins and foolish virgins. In[…]

Feast of All Saints

Blessed With Christ Saint Matthew 5:1-11 Dear people of God, in today’s first reading from the Revelation, the Apostle Saint John writes to us of the vision of heaven that he has been given by our dear Lord Jesus. He tells us about the blessed who have died in Christ and live in Him forever.[…]