Our Saviour
Lutheran Church

"This doctrine of Christ and of the apostles, from which the true faith of the primitive church was received, the apostles at first delivered orally, without writing, but later, not by any human counsel but by the will of God, they handed it on in the Scriptures."
- Martin Chemnitz

Our faith is in One God, the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is confessed in the ecumenical creeds.


All theology is christology. The Scriptures testify and speak concerning Jesus. It’s all about Him.


We retain the ceremonies and traditions of the ancient church because they deliver Jesus and the forgiveness of sins in Word and Sacrament.


The real adornment of the churches is godly, practical, and clear teaching, the godly use of the sacraments, ardent prayer, and the like.

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“But we, little fishes, after the example of our ΙΧΘΥΣ Jesus Christ, are born in water, nor have we safety in any other way than by permanently abiding in water; so that most monstrous creature, who had no right to teach even sound doctrine, knew full well how to kill the little fishes, by taking them away from the water!”
– Tertullian


About Us

A congregation of believers in Christ, striving in Christ toward the goal of the Christian faith: the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting.

"... Rather than being dull, stodgy or stuck in the past, the worship at Our Saviour is substantive and serious. It is substantive in that it is filled from beginning to end with the real meat and potatoes of Christianity. There is no fluff or filler. Everything is directed toward Christ, the forgiveness of our sins, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting. "
- Rev. Dr. Kenneth Voege
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